The Scramble: Thursday Take-Out

Thursday, June 11, 2009

*Touring: What happens when you put two big egos into one arena? You get the combo platter of Kanye West and Lady GaGa, as Kanye spilled the beans on The View yesterday, that the two will be touring together later this year. Mr. West claims that GaGa isn't going to be an "opening act" as both musicians will be on stage together throughout the entire show. Not going to lie, that's going to be entertaining to the 1000th power.

*Playing Hooky: Lauryn Hill is still trying to make her comeback happen...yet, nothing is jump starting from those claims. The mysterious soul bird, has canceled all of her tour dates in Europe, including the Stockholm Jazz Festival due to "health reasons".The European tour was to be the first official comeback of sorts for the former Fugees member.

*Build Up Buttercups: Mariah Carey wants you to get 'obsessed' as the diva of song has announced on her Twitter that the first single from her upcoming, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel will be called, "Obsessed" and released as early as June 16th. Miss Carey has also noted that the new song is one of her "favorites" and that she's completely "immersed" in Memoirs. Practice the preach, Mimi, practice the preach!

*Angry People: Wonder if Eve's tirade on her Twitter sparked this... A "group" known as the Women's Protection Action League are threatening singer, Chris Brown for his abusive attacks on singer and ex-girlfriend, Rihanna. Brown has beefed up his security while the police are citing that they believe the death threats towards Brown are acted by a single person, and not a group. Whatever the case, Brown is definitely tasting the bitter cherry flavored cough syrup of his own medicine.

*Video Kid: Artist-extraordinaire Raphael Saddiq will be blessing his fans with a nice DVD package of a live show he did back in December for PBS's Live At The Artist's Den. The DVD will be the first visual release for the singer, and it is to include the full concert consisting of mostly tracks from his latest effort, the stellar, The Way I See It. Raphael is excited for the release as he claimed that the concert was a "great experience" and that he thought the show showed him "in a light I wanted to be seen in". Shine on Raphael.

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