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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Olan Mills Studios: Fantasia looking all kinds of radiant during a photoshoot with famed photographer, Derek Blanks.

Collaborations: The Roots' drummer, ?uestlove and newbie soul duchess, Melanie Fiona are double teaming as they are working on a new mixtape. Oh, and to add on that plate of awesomeness, all the songs on it (which are tracks from Melaine's upcoming debut, The Bridge) are live interpretations. Intersante.

Unsolved Mysteries: Le gasp! Shakira is filming the "She Wolf" video, and the single is to drop on June 29th. The mystery is unfolding...

Circle Of Friends: Whitney Houston will be going back to her 80's dance roots for her new release, let's hope she brings the silver foil bow from the "How Will I Know" video along with her. Other news about the album has surfaced...Alicia Keys has written and produced a track on the upcoming comeback record along with Swizz Beats. Houston is also in good company with ballad experts, Diane Warren and David Foster contributing. And if you were wondering where Akon's "Like I Never Left" scuttled off's been polished up and will be on the new effort.

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives
: Gym Class Heroes have a breakfast plate at Denny's for the restaurant's second installment of their Rock Star Menu. The plate consist of: hash browns on Texas Toast, with a fried egg, red peppers, cheese, bacon, onions and gravy. Oh, and a side of hash browns, just in case you didn't get enough the first time. In other news, my arteries clogged up just by typing that list of ingredients.

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