Song Stuck In My Head: Do You Pray Like Aretha?

Friday, June 12, 2009

"Wood Beez (Pray Like Aretha Franklin)" -Scritti Politti (1985)

Scritti and Summer go together like cheese in enchiladas. It's oh so gooey and delicious. There is much to adore about the UK new wave-pop band as their sophomore effort, 1985's Cupid & Psyche '85 is in short: a pop-funk masterpiece. Maybe I exaggerate, but even though its glistening in Fairlight synths and strumming guitars, it's still 80's pop/soul gold. Vocalist (and really the man behind the group), Green Gartside makes Scritti Politti's music sound like little lullabies, due to his feather-like voice. On the flip side, Scritti's music composition are stuck in a rock n' a funky place. Add in a little whimsy word play courtesy of Gartside (who has shared his wit on collaborations with Chaka Khan and Al Jarreau) and you've got a great jam. Take for example the group's single, "Wood Beez", a track that is one of my ultimate favorites off of C&P. Its a little laid-back than the other tracks, but it's got a real slick R&B type of sound. I kind of call this "sterile funk"; the kind of funk that's been cleaned, but still it is highly enjoyable and you'll probably find yourself humming along...or praying like Aretha.

Warning: This video will resonate a thousand WTF's/Wearing pajamas in a video? Talk about unprofessional!/"Interpretative" dance; him bending his legs like that makes mine hurt/Bees. Honey. I want honey on a bagel now.

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