Spin Me Right 'Round: Tough As Nails

Friday, June 19, 2009

Oh, this is literally bleached in late 80's greatness. Though Taylor Dayne looks like one of those disheveled metal hair band video vixens on the cover of her album, Can't Fight Fate, what is contained on the inside is nothing but honest to goodness synth-pop n' soul. Taylor Dayne emerged with the red hot pepper dance classic, "Tell It To My Heart" in 1987, and with her gravely tone she managed to pull herself apart from the usual pop pack. In 1989, Taylor released, Can't Fight Fate, to just as much wild reception to her debut. Fate showed Taylor in a rock-n-blues state of mind, much more so than her debut, and it is welcomed as she seems much more aggressive on this. Hits such as the snarling Blues of, "I'll Be Your Shelter" and brooding "Heart Of Stone", were less polished and sounded quite raw upon delivery. Still Taylor remained true to her pop beginnings, as hit single, "With Every Beat Of Heart" features a flourish of horns and peppy energy in lyric delivery. With Fate, Taylor also scored her first #1 hit with the ballad, "Love Will Lead You Back", a track that was handed over to Taylor when none other than Whitney Houston passed on it (imagine what she would've done with it!). The Diane Warren-penned track is not the songwriters best effort, it's really Taylor execution that makes it something special. She can be quite the balladeer (see "I'll Always Love You") when she gets an opportunity to be, and she usually adds a gritty exterior to what possibly could of been a sugary-sweet ballad. The hit singles are the showstoppers of the bunch, but the filler isn't half bad either. Personally, "Up All Night" is a sizzling dance swiveler, while the Rick Wake produced, "Ain't No Good" grinds the way a solid rock n' soul number should. Bias aside, this is another essential Taylor Dayne recording, and while this album was her last big commercial splash, it's an album that shows Taylor being one of the better acts to come out of the 80's. Far from being a sophomore slump, Can't Fight Fate is for those who like their singer a little rough around the edges, yet still maintaining the sweetness of how soul/pop music should sound.

Rating: 9.0/10

Downtown Julie Brown!..."It's a bra with little sprinkly things"...horns in the song but none here, hmm...Fade at 2:30

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  1. lmao I remember dancing to this song during an aerobics course...


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