Take 5 Friday: Looking Up At The Sky

Friday, June 19, 2009

1. The Art Of Noise: Raheem DeVaughn has done something quite lovely this week. He has released a mixtape as sort of an appetizer for his upcoming album, The Love and War MasterPeace. Usually mixtapes are of the hip-hop persuasion, but Raheem has altered the situation by making The Art of Noise, a soul/R&B concoction, and frankly, I'm loving it already. He has completely changed my ideal about mixtapes, which are things I've always been kinda of passive on. As the music purist in me hollers: "Just make a damn album!", I'm giving a grace for Raheem's tape deck, as I'm about three songs in and it's definitely wetting the whistle for anything new from him. Oh, and Raheem has sweetened the deal by making the mixtape FREE. Cause he knows how penny pinching we all are in this day in age.

2. Like A Material Angel On Holiday: As the Madonna of today, adopts African babies like they are Build-A-Bears, it's hard to imagine how she started in the game of well...music. While Maddie's output lately has been little to desire, this week, I took it back to the 80's by going berserk over on YouTube watching old interviews, seeing her Live Aid '85 set and viewing the crap-ola Madonna bio-pic, Madonna: Innocence Lost. I wasted a good hour and half watching that last piece of mess, as it showed Madonna sleeping in roach motels, dancing to bad Parisian disco and having a bad bout with her wisdom teeth (???). But the rest of my music video/live footage viewing was much more enjoyable, such as her Virgin Tour concert and seeing a bizarre unreleased video for single, "Holiday". To wrap it up, view the montage video for one of my favorite Madonna tracks, the underrated "Angel".

3. Boy Band Fashion: Shiny pants, shades, bleached hair...must be a synchronized boy band walking down the street. BuzzFeed takes a hilarious and truly spot-on look at boy bands from the 90's and early 2000's, and their various fashions and photo shoot poses. From looking at these pics, Boyz II Men were the best dressed guy group, while 98 Degrees and LFO shopped at Backstreet Boys 'R Us retail stores. Oh, and *NSYNC clearly wanted to be "original menz" of the boyband world, as their duds looked like someone went crazy in the satin and glitter aisle at JoAnn's Fabric and Crafts. No wonder they were my favorite boy band, I wore glitter just like them. What cracks me up the most is that about six pictures in the list, where actual posters I had on my bedroom walls growing up. No joke. E-mail/Twitter me if you want to play a guessing game as to what pictures they were.

4. Lupe Makes It Shine: Lupe Fiasco will be doing a Shady Pines proper sometime in the future, as the rapper announced his "retirement" sometime last year. Before he purchases a Hoverround, he is dropping a new album, We Are Lasers, much to my delight. As Lupe is one of few rappers I actually own physical albums too (Yes, I'm a hard sell...), his presence is welcomed. Here on "Shining Down" Lupe teams with vocalist, Matthew Santos (remember "Superstar" from 2007?). While it's pretty much kind of the same formula Lupe is used to doing with its spooky orchestral backdrop and icy synth crawl, I still pretty much like this. But I want to be kind of blown away, and since he's taking a sabbatical, we need something a tad more memorable. But that will come in due time, I feel.

Shining Down

5. Otter Bach: First, Keyboard Cat, now an Dua the Otter is tickling the ivories. Yes, I have a soft spot for animals playing instruments. For some reason, it reminds me of if a Disney cartoon film came to life, like if Sebastian conducted a calypso/Reggae band at Joe's Crab Shack. Erm...bad joke. Anyways, look at his cute little paws go, as he jams on those keyboards. How in hell does T-Painful have a recording contract and this otter doesn't? Boggles the mind.

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  1. Backstreet Boys were my group, as I think I've said before. I just think they're awesome, same now. A lot of people think they split, but they haven't. They just had a while off, due to touring so much. I love 'em. I think they're just wow. Haha! That picture you ahve of the BSB there is great. :)

    Saying that though, I did have a thing for JC from NSYNC. I thought he was great, dunno about the craziness he did with his hair in the final year or so of the group though. LOL!


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