Take 5 Friday: Ooh To Be Ah

Friday, June 5, 2009

1. New Jack City: Fades. Shades...and the Whole 9! As sure as Al B., the New Jacks and Jills of synth R&B have captivated my ear drums this week. The freebie adventure (which you should have already downloaded by now!) started out as just a minuscule post project, but I ended up becoming consumed with it, even going far as burning two discs worth of swingin' jams for my greedy little self. I clearly have a love for that giant synth and drum machine sound, plus I have solidified that Teddy Riley is totally my hero. What amazes me more about the genre is that how many artists came out of it and almost all of them I like...that's truly a hard feat, especially with me. I personally have soft spots for the obscure ones like Abstrac, Tyler Collins, Kopper and The Mac Band, who had one or two great songs and just kind of vanished. Stuff like that just intrigues me.

2. Do You Dream About Me?: If you've seen the 1987 cinematic masterpiece known as Mannequin, then you know what in high hell I'm talking about. Out of sheer boredom last week, I scoured the net to find this song. Knowing full well that pop star, Alisha sang the tune, it didn't take me long to find it. Google is certainly a beautiful thing as I found the song AND Alisha's long-lost 1987 Nightwalkin' album. Talk about a goldmine of 80's synth-fare! "Do You Dream About Me" is one of those great soundtrack songs from the decade of all things neon and Brat Pack-esque. It's catchy as a cold and it forces you to dance around ridiculously in a department store after hours...kind of like what Andrew McCarthy and Kim Cattrall do in the movie. Don't say I didn't warn you.

3. Para-more: Remember this muck? Well, it was all a mistake. A mistake that has now been corrected. Kanye West had a boo-boo baby on his blog this week, when he realized that the music vid for fantastic single, "Paranoid" was leaked without his authorization while he was on a 11 hour flight. Boy, I would've hated to have been on that plane. A fuming Kanye and stale peanuts does not equal flying high in friendly skies. After all is said and done, the final product, was released this week and it's much better, as it features Rihanna having a hellish nightmare that resembles something out of The Twilight Zone. It's not "wowza" but considering that turkey before, it's a masterpiece.

4. Surprise, Surprise: The hazard of being a music fiend/blogger is that there is always a constant array of music that has been downloaded on the computer that never gets unzipped or listened to. So when I decided to do some housekeeping on my music files this week, I was quite surprised at some of my download finds. So what did I exactly find? The highlights: 1) Madonna's The Girlie Show Tour--audio 2) A Vicki Sue Robinson album that does not have "Turn The Beat Around" on it 3) Two groups oddly named Princess & Starbreeze and Toys Like Me 4) Debbie Deb's "When I Hear Music" (wha!!). Yes, so random. The best of the lot was British soul boy, Daniel Merriweather's debut Love & War, which will receive an honorary review come next week because its just plain good.

5. Thank You For Letting Me Be Mice Elf: Sometimes I can be a bit absentminded, other times I'm just plain lazy, but one thing I am is grateful. Grateful that I have people who actually read this blog and enjoy it. This week, I wanted to take the time to thank everybody who has left comments, e-mailed me, followed/messaged me on Twitter or are affiliates to my little music corner. I do appreciate all the kind words, banter and opinions, and though lots of bloggers say this, let me be a broken record and voice that the comments and blog love do keep me going on here. There are some days I think, "Why do I stay up late and care about the meaning behind a VV Brown video?", then I know; it's for the love of music and the love of sharing that love with others. Corny, but true. This week I just wanted to give a big ol' thank you to all of you who read and participate on this blog. You all deserve a gold star, especially since you have to deal with my daily ramblings!


  1. Sharing the musical love is what it's all about ;)

    I agree with your comments about Danial Merriweather's album ... i was pleasantly surprised!

    Look forward to the review.

  2. your welcome :-) and thanks 4 such a great blog

  3. OMG - a fellow Alisha fan! I love you more each time I read this blog! I might have to hit you up for a Nightwalkin' link. I didn't even know she had an album.

  4. your blog is one of my absolute favorites. :O)


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