The Tape Deck: Week #1

Monday, June 15, 2009

Newbie adventure! Pretty much songs I'm feeling at the moment.

1. Casa Bey-Mos Def: I'm not too hip-hop savvy, but I usually get by. So whenever I do get a chance to soak in a rhyme or two, there are certain floacists who perk the ears up a bit. So I got a chance to dive into Mos Def's newest album, The Ecstatic, and came away with loving the daylights out of, "Casa Bey". Love the weaving of 70's jazz fusion in this cut. Smart and summer ready.

2. 25 To Life-JoJo

3. I'm Getting Used To You-Selena: The San Antonio native in me kind of slinked out this past weekend, when boredom drove me to watch Selena for the millionth time. Of course, that led to me pulling out Selena's Greatest Hits, and dancing around to "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom" and other Tejano/Cumbia jams. Still I prefer Selena's R&B and Pop ventures that she recorded a couple of years before her death. This Diane Warren cut is just perfect and feels like a relaxing soul samba.

4. Borderline-Madonna
5. Bad Habits-Maxwell

6. Heavy Cross-Gossip: True Fact: Beth Ditto can sing her ass off. She may not be an Aretha, but her soprano bluesy tone complements Gossip's punk-pop sound effectively. It's odd, actually, as you would think two and two could never be together, but the Washington based band make it work. "Heavy Cross" is a great funky rock number, and has instantly become one of my favorites for the year. I'm also predicting that Gossip's upcoming, Music For Men, might also be an album to obsess over in '09 as well as production is done by seasoned producer, Rick Rubin. Check out the recently released vid for the track.

7. Supernova-Mr. Hudson ft. Kanye West
8. Shove It-Santigold
9. Box N' Locks-MPHO

10. Friends-Shalamar: Jody Watley + Howard Hewitt + Jeffery Daniels + questionable outfits + Some English dance show= Mind Blowing.

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