The Tape Deck: Week #2

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

1. Cruel Summer-Bananarama: Oh, so appropriate right now...considering the seasonal conditions. Bananarama are just tons o' fun and their 1984 hit, is perfect on the summer playlist. Hell, almost all of their 80's tunes are summer worthy from "Venus" to "I Heard A Rumor". Still "Cruel Summer" cooks them all with its funky guitars and squishy synths. The heat of this track is so crackling that it burns away any memory that Ace of Base attempted to cover this classic...

2. What's Done Is Done-Marina Chello
3. Heavy Cross-Gossip

4. Driving-Everything But The Girl: Oh, this is a soft I expect Snuggle the Bear to come out with his fabric sheets to spread fresh flowery goodness on my heart. EBTG are an odd couple, possibly because they were smooth jazz before smooth jazz squiggled out of a saxophone. Very soothing tunes they have. Lead vocalist, Traci Thorn's voice is just mesmerizing as she engulfs this lovely track.

5. Casa Bey-Mos Def

6. Oh No-Chico DeBarge: Where did this come from?!? I usually, don't scope out for the DeBarge family's solo material...yeah, it's kind of bad of me as a soul/R&B music fan, so slap me. I guess it's because I adore the DeBarge clan's 80's hey-day when their hair was all juiced up, that nothing else could compare. While this is no "Talk To Me", it still managed to hit me up the side of my head, and frankly, I'm liking it. "Oh No" is to be off of Chico's newest release, Addiction, which is out this July. Grown man's soul, the way it should be.

7. I Wish You Would-Jocelyn Brown: If you wanna hear a REAL vocal throwdown, tune into Jocelyn Brown's follow-up 1984 single to her massive, "Somebody Else's Guy". Personally, I like this better than "Somebody...", as the stark drum beats and funky bass licks just kind of propel you to a higher funk-disco environment. Plus Jocelyn goes off about mid-song and it's so electric that it could turn light bulbs on.

8. 25 To Life-Jo Jo
9. Stone Cold Sober-Paloma Faith
10. Bad Habits-Maxwell


  1. Great call on Jocelyn Brown. That women is a hell of a force vocally, beautiful rich dark contralto tones. Sad that beyond 'Somebody Elses Guy' she is unknown, that women doesn't deserve to be known for one hit..

    In other news though:

    I'm very cynical about this Food Bank lark regarding Beyoncé... If it's something she has decided to do off her own back without having to be approached because she really cares then respect to her. But something smacks of ''if we approach and ask you to do something for our charity, we will get publicity and it will do wonders for your image'' though. Which in the end boils down to her doing it for her own selfish gains and that is just wrong.

    Hope that I'm just being over cynical about it but she didn't give the most convincing of press calls though, she couldn't have been more uninterested if she tried her damndest!

    Just that, she doesn't seem to be the most charitable woman and from past experiences, she seems to be one of the biggest cash cows in the game who'd put her name to anything so long as it had some sort of career benefit.

    Word Verification: Blesses ... Is that trying to tell me something, that I'm being over cynical.. lol, funneh

  2. And to add to that, have you seen the dire film she's in? It's like the Glitter era all over again. Like Mariah Carey, a fantastic singer (even if her music is as interesting as a fart in a box) but she clearly has no acting talent at all. So cringey


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