Audio Vision: I Just Exploded Into A Zillion Pieces

Friday, July 24, 2009

Ledisi and Raphael Saddiq. Together. In the studio. Making music. Uh...I think I just exploded into a zillion little pieces from the excitement. Yes, soul troopers, the divine Miss Ledisi and the suave Mr. Saddiq are joining forces on Ledisi's upcoming, Turn Me Loose. On Ledisi's YouTube page, the soul singer posted a video that gives us an inside look at what the duo are concoting in the studio, as well, as give us a sneak peek into the makings of Turn Me Loose, and what we are to be expecting from the release. From the sound of things, Ledisi is bringing some surefire heat, and in the near future, our ears will be exposed to some funky good things. So while I pick up the little pieces of myself, check out the viewage and mark your calendars as Turn Me Loose drops in stores August 18th.


  1. Now this is what I'm talkin bout! Real music, not all the shit u be posting bout spice girls and monica the eletronic goat!

  2. Thank you, "Anonymous" but um...this is my blog, I will post whatever shit I want. Don't like it, you can leave and take the negativity with you.

  3. This is awesome news, I've heard so much of Ledisi's new album so far and it is a mighty hot project, definitely something worth waiting for anyway. On the subject of Raphael Saadiq, this man can do no wrong. He has everything that music needs right now.

    Thanks for posting this, Jennifer. You're awesome, as always.

  4. Thanks Woosh :) This was too awesome that I couldn't help but post it. I'm seriously looking forward to this album, it's going to be HOT!


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