Audio Vision: MPHO Swaps Places With Kate Bush

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Here's something for your late afternoon...a little cover song delight! While we wait (impatiently) for MPHO to unveil her Pop Art, she is keeping us on our toes by doing a stellar cover of Kate Bush's 1985 classic, "Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)". In fact, stellar is an understatement, as MPHO takes the song and no doubt makes it her own. Yes, even my Kate Bush worshiping ass can admit to that. I have continuously voiced that Miss Bush's songs make for some beautiful soul music (see Maxwell's "This Woman's Work" and Natalie Cole's "The Man With The Child In His Eyes" for proof) and MPHO puts my theory into action as she embodies such an on point soulful quality to the track. So if you thought MPHO could only shop talk about "Box N' Locks", you're in for a pleasant surprise. If you haven't been hip to MPHO, you need to get on the stick and put her on your radar. She is one of the stellar candidates for best newcomers of 2009, for sure. Special shout to XO's Middle Eight for turning my attention to this video, it surely made my day.


  1. What's up with not having a comment box? Now imma have to spam up your profile boxes with trash :P

    By the way, you see that poll; where is the album FOREVER MICHAEL?!?! That's my favourite MJ album of all time and if you haven't heard it, you seriosuly need to! Full of all the innocence and wonderous joy of a kid come adolescent!!

    Also, you can check out this video, it's behind the scenes at Beverley Knight's latest video shoot

    From what you can hear of the song, it sounds very 'synthy' and 'in' which I'm not bothered either way for at the moment. Catchy though..

    Caught her live last week at Festival Too where she burst into an MJ tribute and starting singing Billie Jean half way through one of her songs.. Her backing singers didn't even know she was gonna do it, was funny!

    I still have an mp3 from a few years back when she did a radio concert and did a tribute to Luther Van Dross. Was only a week after he had passed on and she sang Made It Back over the backing music to Never Too Much and then her backing singer Bryan started singing the Luther parts at the end..

    Oh, another little bit of news, Chaka Khan and Beverley Knight will be releasing a song together in a few months called ''Soul Survivor''.. Apparently it's flaming hot so keep an eye out for that one!!

    For now.. Laterz!!!

  2. For someone who is anonymous you have a lot to say! LOL

    I got rid of the chatbox because no one used it and also because if anyone did use it, they would spam it. Not a good look.

    As for the poll, Bravenet only lets me pick a fair amount of answer choices, so it was limited. I tried to pick the albums that were popular/the ones that mostly everybody knows as answer choices.

    Just remember, stay on the topic of the post with the comments, if you have something concerning the blog or just want to chat with me, send me an e-mail. :)


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