Crisp N' Fresh: Mariah Catches Blance Devereaux Fever

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Le sigh. While Mariah Carey's single, "Obsessed" leaves little to linger on the pallet, there was hope in the bucket that the music video was to make up for what the atrocious track was lacking. Sad to say, Mariah doesn't right any wrongs and dives head first into a disaster filled four minutes of complete "been there, done that" dreck. It wasn't like Mariah and director, Brett Ratner didn't try as we see Mariah dressed in drag portraying her male obsessesor (who is supposed to resemble the guy who started this beef with the diva, rapper, Eminem), but it seems that the diva and director just tread water. The two did have tons of opportunities to make this a stellar and comical vid, but it just falls by the wayside, especially since most of the shots are of Mariah flipping her hair and getting blown in the face by a blow dryer. Yawn. Not that men viewers would complain or that this has been Mariah's musical trait for years, but its all so stale, typical and vain. Even the Golden Girl, Blance Deveraux isn't this vain. It's no secret that Mariah is trying her best to compete with all the pretty young thangs in the music biz right now, but this is pretty much desperation. Sorry, but Mariah, the cuteness has truly run its course and its time to grow up.


  1. Well I think the video is cute,kinda underwhelming though. I'm looking forward to the remix video which has a completely different plot; I think it may have her playing "Bianca" the character in the heartbreaker video.

  2. I find the video very amusing! The problem is the direction. She needs to work with someone else instead of Brett Ratner. He could've gotten more out of Mariah. I think someone just won't get the fact that the over-the-top photoshoot is exactly that.. a parody of itself.

  3. I thought the video was very boring and lacked imagination. I feel like her & Brett tried to do something comical, but they fell short.

    *sigh* Oh, Mimi, what's going on? I do not approve of this. I say this with love... Please come harder next time with a better song & video. Thanks.

  4. It seems like they were trying to execute this video into something else but it wound up being all about Mariah(all the unnecessary posing and glamor shots).


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