First Impressions: Monica Is Letting Us Know About Her Return

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bouncing around for a couple of years is the idea of Monica's follow-up to 2006's lackluster, The Makings Of Me. I say this because, the album, Still Standing has been in the works for some long hot minutes, as we first heard about Monica's surefire comeback in 2007...yes, it's been that long. Some scattered leaks and a Keyshia Cole duet later, the now "confirmed" first single from the project, the Jazmine Sullivan penned, "Let Me Know" has gotten a web appearance, and's got some good stuff going on with its 70's string/horn samples and Monica's honeydew vocals. But collectively, this song sounds a little messy, and it needs some tidying up. The first spot to clean is with guest star, Missy Elliott and her whoops and hollers. Back in, say, 2001, Miss E would've made some addicting rhymes and shouts, but now she is quite unnecessary in this song, and personally, if she was omitted, the song would gain some momentum as she lags the song down even more. Then the next bit of brushing up is the arrangement...Monica's glorious golden voice is there, but its kind of all over the place searching for a chorus to latch onto. Not her fault...its the song as its structure wobbles on shaky arrangement. Maybe this is just a morsel of what to expect (as from what I've heard this is an unfinished version)...still if this is the real deal that will be getting a proper release, sad to say but this song could have been a stunner....

Let Me Know (ft. Missy Elliott)


  1. I agree, this track is all over the place. It's too heavily produced. I enjoy Monica's vocals but because her voice is so strong, she really doesnt need a lot of extras going on. UGH! I hope this isnt what we have to expect from her. Especially since she outsung Keyshia on "Trust". I just knew something good was coming from her since her vocals sound to still be on point. Hopefully, she can do better than this

  2. Good voice but she needs to lay off the autotune and vocoder crap! That shit is fo people like Kanye! Why would she want to fuck up decent vocals with that electronic shit?

    She hasnt made a decent song since the 90s. Everything in the 00s has been a pile of over produced shit.


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