Freebie Adventures: Adventures In Summer 2009 [June]

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The aroma of sunscreen, the hankering for lemonade, the temperatures reaching into the hundreds (especially in the South)....sounds like summer! For the duration of the season, I, the Audio Diva, will be sharing with you guys my summer three volumes. Yes, I'm pulling a Maxwell and being a greedy little minx all in one, because I can never have just one summer playlist. In some ways, I'm a bit more precious when it comes to summertime music as whenever I hear the prospective songs it recalls memories of my adventures during my vacation time. What you see before you is a extremely eclectic spill of songs that got the most rotation in June. Some artists are familiar, and others will bring on the "who??". Trust me, you'll find something to like on here. As I highly suggest you take a listen to Van Hunt, Kid Creole and The Coconuts, Kit Hain, 52nd Street and Maiysha. Very good stuff on here, if I may be so modest. Yes, I'm a tad late with my June collection, but no time like the enjoy my sounds of June, let me know what you think in comments and look forward to other collections coming in July and August!

1. Endicott-Kid Creole and the Coconuts
2. So Hot-Rashaan Patterson
3. Why R U?-Amerie
4. Shark In The Water-VV Brown
5. Supernova-Mr. Hudson ft. Kanye West
6. Money Can’t Buy You Love-Tamar
7. What You Do-Chrisette Michele and Ne-Yo
8. Man Of The Year-Van Hunt
9. Looking For You-Kit Hain
10. All Genetic-Oceana
11. Hang On Now-Kajagoogoo
12. Box N’ Locks-MPHO
13. Seven-52nd Street
14. Pearl's Dream-Bat For Lashes
15. 4evermore-Anthony David ft. Algebra Blessett and Phonte
16. Orbit-Maiysha
17. Symmetry-Little Boots ft. Phillip Oakley
18. Voices Carry-'Till Tuesday
19. Pretty Wings-Maxwell

DL: Adventures In Summer 2009 Vol. 1 [June] Pt. 1, Pt. 2


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