Funkier Than The Speed Of Light [Spin Me Right 'Round Week]

Monday, July 13, 2009

A strident shriek and thumping drum blows erupt from the opening track, "Quick Fix", and well, V.V. Brown has introduced herself to your life, and the show begins. The UK has been a buzz over the eccentric musical repertoire of Miss Brown for a good year or so. While V.V. has been whispered shoptalk in the US, due to her constant comparisons to pompadour's best friend, Janelle Monae, V.V. and Janelle aren't totally one in the same, believe it or not. As long as Miss Monae remains on Diddy's shelf of under promoted just collecting dust, V.V. has a shot to be a contender for Americana pop hearts who need a sugar rush. In harsh reality, Janelle has a seven-song EP, V.V. has a full album to play around on, and what an album it is. Travelling Like The Light is urgent, infectious, creatively smart and packs a wallop of good natured pop fun. Personally, this is a nice change from the icicle jolt of UK techno pop that is being spoon fed to the public right now. What we are hearing is V.V. Brown stomping her way into the room, and bringing her retro-pop tart attitude with her. Already released tracks, "LEAVE!" and "Crying Blood" swivel on a 50's/60's go-go trip while the touching, "I Love You" showcases V.V.'s vocal abilities well. "Game Over" is ready for radio with its jolting dance power. "Shark In The Water" is a fantastically divine pop gem, with its hook-laden interior and ability to not take itself seriously. A persistent tumble of words and instrumentation possesses the "Everybody" which proves to the funkiest cut on the album. From the first listen to the now, tenth, it's pretty vodka clear that V.V. has a hit on her hands. All we have to do now is sit back and see what unfolds for one of UK's brightest newcomers.

Rating: 9.7/10
Release Date: July 21, 2009 (UK)

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