The Gospel: Still A Thrill On The Charts

Friday, July 17, 2009

Even from the grave, Michael Jackson continues to thrill on the charts. Jackson proves and challenges the artists of now, on what it takes to be a true musical legend as he racks up a whopping 9 million in album sales in the three weeks since his passing. If you aren't convinced by the bare shelves in the Jackson section of your local CD retailer, then take a peep at the numbers which the NielsenSounscan reports that in the last seven days, Jackson's albums have sold 1.1 million copies. Now combine that with the sales from the last two weeks, and you've got 2.3 million sales in the US alone. Yep, these golden puppies are selling. While this was to be expected once the news of his death broke, it is quite an amazing spectacle to see...and there is not a microphone or smoke machine in sight. Think the figures are fascinating? Then have a look-see at the charts themselves. It should be known that Billboard has some iron-clad rules pertaining to how their chart is organized and developed. Albums that are well...past their expiration date, are not cleared for entry in the present. Thus, all these Michael Jackson singles and albums that are selling like hotcakes aren't appearing on the charts. Yet, this doesn't mean that the charts don't lie...Idolator posted the truthful chart on their site last week, and the results are mind-boggling. You will see "Man In The Mirror" at #5 and "Thriller" at #9 and then as you scroll, you'll see that eight of Michael Jackson's singles ranging from his 1979-1992 album output, are all in the top 30. Talk about wow to the ninth power. Now just imagine if Michael was to dominate all of the top 10 slots? Well, that'd be in a perfect world, right? The charts are a tricky analysis in itself (considering that they deal with not only album sales but digital downloads and radio airplay) but this is a bold reality of what unabashed power music and talent can have.

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  1. Word. It amazes me too. But then again, it shouldn't be too surprising. The man was and is a legend.


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