The Gospel: Why Do Musicians Get Mad At The Messenger?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

<---Teena Marie isn't having this, and neither am I. The facts were these....On Monday, R&B crooner, Ne-Yo scrunched up his face and got mad over some comments made by bloggers about his very emotional upset on stage in the UK this past weekend. The soul man got so mad that he went to his blog and addressed the situation to fans, as well as, give some directed hate to the one group of people who are ruining his life. Those big bad meanies called Bloggers. His crunchy phrase of choice cracks like a whip: To all bloggers...go to hell.


While I can understand that Ne-Yo is butt hurt over his public display of crying (and the whole episode of it being plastered on YouTube for the world to see), my main disgruntlement is that musicians have been blaming bloggers/critics for being arseholes with writing skills, when we are merely playing the town messenger. We didn't ask you to cry on stage Ne-Yo, you did that on your own accord, and since you are a public figure, you are an easy target for a blog post...just saying.
While I know I'm not on my way to vacation at the Hades Hot Spot this summer, still, sometimes it pains me when I read harsh words like this. Yes, I know Ne-Yo didn't direct it towards me, because obviously, to my knowledge, he doesn't know my blog or little 'ole me. But as someone who takes this music blogging thing seriously (as I am hoping to have a life-long career as a writer), this accusation is a slap to me and all of those who toil every single day on their blogs to inform and entertain their readers.

For those who aren't aware, the people who dabble on the keys or write with a pen are often to blame for everything. We tell the dirty, tough stuff, we say the stuff that no one wants to say, we have to listen to bitchin' and moans of commentors on what we're doing wrong, we have to decide what is newsworthy and what to pass on, short, it's rough out in the jungle of linguistics and the interwebs as we sometimes get abused for just expressing out opinions. Not to play a smallest little violin in the world, because in honesty, I do enjoy what I do and I'm aware that the negative comes heavily in this field. Still sometimes I wish musicians/celebrities, like Ne-Yo, who blast the electronic word (and believe me he's not the first to do so), take a step back and realize that there are some bloggers who intelligently express their sane opinions and who aren't out to be the biggest jerk in the room. True, bloggers may get snarky, snobby and catty, (cause I know I do on this blog at times), but seriously, if I was a docile "I love everyone and everything" type of writer, I'd be bias, fake and doing a disjustice to myself and my readers.

To get personal, I'm a two-bit music blogger. I don't get paid for my posts, I don't own this domain, and I do this blog to share good music, to improve my writing skills, have fun, and meet others who share in my musical forte. Even though I'm a little blip in the blog world, I still have the same mission as every single writer/blogger out there: Inform readers, engage in healthy and intelligent banter with readers and to engage in the joy of writing and sharing. Simply put.
So to wrap up, on the music blogging front, bloggers and musicians need to kiss and make-up, because we need each other...they provide us with the content and they need the publicity. See, a win-win situation for all. So Ne-Yo dry those eyes, and understand that you shouldn't sob over the hand that is feeding you.


  1. It's a tough world blogging isn't it? But us blog hostesses have to stick together :)


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