In The Hot Seat: Maxamillion

Monday, July 20, 2009

1. Maxwell: Must we state the obvious? Maxwell is #1 on the album charts and making the population triple with each passing day...and for good reason as Blacksummers'night is magnifique and possibly the sexiest thing you'll hear all year. Maxwell is the man of the hour right now.

2. VV Brown: Travelling Like The Light is the feel-good album of the summer...possibly the year. It's a nice break from all those serious electro dames like La Roux and Little Boots.

3. MPHO: Can never say enough good things about this saucy Briton, especially after that Kate Bush cover display from last week. Got a taste of her Pop Art album, and man, America is clearly missing out on some talent.

4. Madonna: "Celebrate", the anticipated new track from the upcoming greatest hits package is supposed to "leak" this week. Some dubs of the track and the lyrics have been floating around the interwebs...also rumors of this track being "80's Madonna" has got me salivating.

5. Nona Hendryx: Just because I've been playing the albums, Nona, The Heat and Female Trouble non-stop this weekend...and because Nona was the LaBelle member who kicked the most ass...sorry, Patti.

*Cover Smother Week: Yes, my 'Spin Me Right 'Round' week didn't go as planned, if you hadn't noticed. As it turned out, last week became more occupied than I thought, which left me with barely enough time to sit down and do proper to make up for it, I've decided to do something easier on me, but something fun for yall! So throughout the week, I'll be posting up some album art that I fully enjoy. Be prepared for surprises and possible greatness!

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