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Friday, July 3, 2009

What Adventures are we going on? My notes on looking behind and ahead on the blog.

1. Michael Jackson: For obvious reasons....The King of Pop is going to be on everyone's mind for the next couple of months, especially with all the funeral, child custody and medical rumors swirling around. On the blogfront, I'm trying to do mini-tributes to Michael and his music for the next couple of days, but I promise no overloads and no on-going gossip, unless it pertains to the music the man made. I could care less if Michael fathered a three headed baby by a woman named Billie Jean...if the baby isn't singing "Dirty Diana" on YouTube, it's not getting posted.

2. The Jackson 5/The Jacksons: Again, for obvious reasons! Where there is Michael, there is are the Jackson brothers. From Motown to Victory, the Jacksons are a group. I kind of have dug back in the group's musical catalog to refresh my brain of greatness. The stuff I've reintroduced myself too is just phenomenal...and even when its kind of crappy (see "State Of Shock" with Mick Jagger and "Torture") it still is better than half the mess we hear today. Bowing down again.

3. Gossip: Beth Ditto and Co. have crafted the perfect pop-rock summer joke. "Heavy Cross" still eats to the beat.

4. Ledisi: August 18th seems so farrrrr away...and it's been torturous following Ms. Ledisi's Twitter as she keeps mentioning that date in ties with her new album. Stop teasing me Ledisi, just drop the darn album NOW!

5. Zap Mama: Sometimes I get a little burned out on the 60's revival twist that soul music has morphed into. So there are times where I want to go off the beaten path. Zap Mama led me down that crooked and intriguing camino, and it's been good so far. ReCreation for most unique album of 2009? I think so.

Next Week Look Foward Too:
  • Spin Me 'Right Round Week will be happening. Yes, I'm dedicating a FULL week, to nothing but reviews of all the new albums that are just clogging up my Edit Posts page on Blogger. So be prepared for reviews on all the new albums from La Roux, Daniel Merriweather, The Noisettes, Zap Mama, Teena Marie, Gossip and yes,...a severely overdue Chester French review. Yes, I have been failing in the reviewing department, and now I'm trying to do something epic to cover my ass. So if you need to know what to slap money down on in your music collection...I'll show you the way to go all next week.

  • Maxwell: I assure you that my blog partners in crime over at Soul Bounce will have the Maxwell album release celebration on lock (and will be one of the few sites to do so), but if you want to listen to little ol' me, I will be "documenting" my purchase of Maxwell's album with a review and some small postings on Soul music's favorite son. Yes, "documenting" as this will be a physical album purchase for me, something I haven't done since John Legend's Evovler back in November 2008.

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