Remember The Time: I Wanna Get Away To A Smoky 80's Soundstage

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Indulge in the smoke machine daydream of Shannon's "Do You Wanna Get Away" video from 1985. Things to note about this video as you view:
  • The title track to Shannon's long out-of-print sophomore album, Do You Wanna Get Away
  • Opening scene observation: "Everything is just better in slow motion"-Dave Chappelle
  • Yeah, right, like you always meet attractive and interested men on the subway. Such false advertising.
  • I don't know what's scarier in that office...Shannon's boss or that big ass fish mounted on the wall behind the desk.
  • What kind of witchcraft is going on with that computer? That guy from the subway is stalking her with prehistoric pop-ups.
  • The coolest thing about this vid is that creepy hand reaching out through the computer screen...that is pretty avant garde for 1985.
  • That silver jacket rules my life.
  • There are two guys playing guitars all fiercely, but hello, there is no guitar during that part in the song! FAIL
  • @ 2:56-3:00, if I was my age now in the 80's, I would totally want to look like that, right down to the black glitter jacket. Shannon, you're my style queen.
  • Silly observation: My BFF Guyna looks a hell of a lot like Shannon, I'm sorry, but she just does, it's probably the micro-braids...if Guyna knew this, she'd probably kill me
  • @ 3:26: There goes that witchcraft again...Note to self: Don't ever meet a guy at the subway, he's bound to be an urban sorcerer

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