The Scramble: Freaky Friday

Friday, July 10, 2009

*Welcome Back: Maxwell and his (pretty darn awesome) BlackSummer'snight disc will for sure be #1 on the Billboard charts next must be Christmas, as real music hasn't been on that chart in over 8 years.

*Apology Letter: If you haven't heard...Mariah Carey apologized for her shoddy emotional performance at Michael Jackson's memorial.

*We Are Here To Change The World: Captian EO, the Francis Ford Coppola's 3-D film that Michael Jackson starred in back in 1986, is to be coming back to Disneyland.

*House Of Wax: Continuing to cover lighter King of Pop news, a new wax figure of his was revealed at Madame Tussauds on Thursday and it favors Michael Jackson...but I can't say the same for the other MJ wax figures. (Check out the one in the glass box...*shudder*)

*Holiday, Celebration: Madonna's greatest hits album will not be called the kickin' Iconography, instead its being called the lackluster Celebration. Well, at least the collection will be two discs and feature two new songs.

*Studio Time: Breathe. Erykah Badu is in the studio recording New Amerykah Pt. 2: Return of Ankh and she's bringing long-time producer James Poyser with her.

*My Loneliness Is Killing Me: So Britney Spears saves lives now?

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  1. Captain EO is incredible, I'm so pleased that they're bringing it back. Michael was amazing and his legacy will never be forgotten. He really was a legend and will contiue to be.

    I still cannot believe he has gone.


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