The Scramble: Tuesday Tag...You're It

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

*Cue Card Reading Award Winner: By now, you've probably seen the Chris Brown apology tape...and you've probably already gave a hefty laugh at that Denise Huxtable Gordon Gartrelle/Michael Jackson mess of a shirt he was wearing during the taping. Shut up, CB and give the shirt back to Theo Huxtable.

*Reel Time: Speaking of MJ, Sony is working on a deal to get those Michael Jackson rehearsal tapes (which are apparently about 80 hours worth of footage) to turn it into a feature film extravaganza.

*Record Breaking: By weeks end, Michael Jackson will possibly beat out The Eagles in "all-time" record sales.

*Control: So Janet Jackson might get Michael's kids after it too soon to call her Mama JanJan?

*When You're Mad: Ne-Yo got a little miffed at bloggers who blasted him about a recent performance where he cried on stage. We'll discuss this further, Mr. Ne-Yo...

*Get Well Soon: The Beastie Boys are going on hiatus as member, Adam "MCA" Yauch has a cancerous tumor.

*Cornflake Girl Christmas: Tori Amos might be releasing a Christmas album this year...or so Billboard claims.

*I O U's: Raptress, Foxy Brown thinks she's special. So special that she hasn't paid her taxes since 2003. Well, now the government is giving her special attention.

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