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Monday, July 27, 2009

"Backfired"-Debbie Harry (1981)

It wasn't like I didn't know about Debbie Harry's solo career, it's just that I was snobbish and just wanted to associate her with Blondie, 'tis all. Yet out of curiosity, and possible boredom of the past weekend I decided to seek out Debbie's 1981 debut album, Koo Koo. Since the record was produced by Chic masterminds, Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards, it had to be pretty decent. Well, the verdict is out and Koo Koo is in fact, pretty decent, especially since it is a pure blend of what was good about Blondie's Autoamerican and Chic's famous dance offerings. The album's first single, "Backfired" stood out to me right from the get-go. The song opens to skittish guitars that segue into the peppering of horns and Debbie's snarky snarl about a guy who just doesn't impress her much. Actually, the Chic-styled arrangement fits rather well with Debbie and its kind of a shame the sound shift didn't take off for Debbie, but I'm figuring its because people kept associating her with Blondie's thrashing rock sound that they couldn't latch onto this. Well, like those people, I was missing some hella funky stuff.

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  1. Debbie was like the Gwen Stefani of her era, except was dabbling in urban sounds when it was avant garde.

    I recommend "French Kissin' (In the U.S.A.)" & "I Want That Man" from "Rockbird" & "Def, Dumb, & Blonde" respectively.

    I need to buy her most recent solo outing, and eventually cough up the charge for her out of print debut, which I've heard, but do not own. Impressed.-QH


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