Viva La Roux [Spin Me Right 'Round Week]

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Elly Jackson should be cautious. Cautious to the fact that her guiding flag to a "flock of seagulls" hairstyle could cause her band to become diminutive. True, hair can make a band, but it also can break one too. So Elly, tone down the don't really need all that distraction, the music is enough to keep us all pretty much engrossed. Crowning glory aside, La Roux have been on many of a pop tart's radar recently due to the lead off single, "In For The Kill". It was a much needed wake-up slap into 2009 with it's urgent New Wave calling. From there the UK-based duo, found themselves thrust into the cannon of other Euro-Pop hopefuls (see Little Boots) for the new year. The probable cause for worship has to be that La Roux harken back early 80's angst a la Missing Persons and Kim "Kids In America" Wilde. People love that engulfing high-tech sound from the decade of greed, and then, instantly, La Roux had found a quasi-fanbase. That fanbase will continue to grow as the self-titled debut effort from the duo is head bopping good clean fun. As La Roux probably want you to think they are a serious yet fussy band, as Elly's squishy sneer says so, their sound tells a different story. There's a lot of vintage sounds to wrap your head around, but oh, what an adventure it is as it feels like you've crawled up into a Pac-Man video arcade game and ate those digital pellets. "Quicksand" remains to be a funky foot-stomper as "Bulletproof" pings and zips around its pinball composition make-up. The spiky doo-wop of "Cover My Eyes" is actually quite effective as Elly's shrill vocals are quieted down and feel almost as if she's cooing a lullaby. With a jumble of shooting synths "Fascination" continues to wake your senses up with its striking blow. "Colourless Colour" is the track to become attached to, as it's throbbing bubble of funk drives on the mindset of Human League, respectively. Nagging at the idea of this being a pitch perfect pop brew rests in Elly Jackson's vocals. While at first, her shrill twitter of her voice is essential to La Roux's punchy musical persona, it does tend to wear on the ears as the album progresses on. Still, La Roux's debut is strong enough to oversight that minor flaw, to the point where it is enjoyable on all levels. Strident poetics with a glossy pop n' funk mentality make for one of 2009's best far.

Rating: 9.0/10
Released: June 30, 2009

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