Wipe Off The Dust: Bernadette Cooper Is Cooler Than You

Monday, July 13, 2009

Bernadette Cooper is cooler than you. She's also cooler than me, but that verdict is still pending. Before Beyonce failed tried to bring out the "Sasha Fierce", there was someone who didn't need the word in her name, her actions spoke much louder. Cooper is most known for being the brain child, percussionist and front raptress for the all-girl funk band, Klymaxx. She was the voice behind such infamous phrases such as "slap me cause I'm not in the mood" and "my hair was fierce". After Klymaxx's popularity dissolved, Bernadette went the solo route and released only one album in 1990, the intriguingly fascinating, Drama According To Bernadette Cooper. What I particularly like about this album is not only its musical make-up (as I pretty much like every single song...a true rarity if there ever was one) but the fact that the album plays like the soundtrack to a hip Broadway musical. I know, I know. I'm "taking" crazy pills, but if you heard the album in its fullness, you'd probably, maybe, slightly agree. Each track feels like its own act, and they merge to create a very eclectic piece that centers around the topic of Miss Cooper's out-there mind. There are a lot of great early 90's hip-hop/New Jack beats going on and incredibly infectious tunes with various concepts, ranging from hilarious (the title track), to serious ("The Agency Sent Me") to just plain vain ("I Look Good"). Bernadette does a half-singing/half-talking spiel throughout the album which is actually the coolest thing about the album as singing can be overrated sometimes...I kid. Here are some notable tracks:

The Underground: Sweaty and funky. How a dance track should be.

I'm That Girl: The popping bass is the best part...has a very late 80's Prince quality to it

The Howard Hughes Sitcom: The title automatically gets you intrigued and then your wrapped up in a punchy New Jack Swing song that describes why "cute don't pay the bills". My favorite song off of the album, naturally.

Straight Jacket (Love Affair): Creeps along on a sneering funk drive. The lead-up to the chorus is quite fetching.


  1. i got this last yr. i totally agree with your synopsis, i was really young when this came out , it loved the video , but of course did get the "cassette". majorly underated. not to mention her production skills with other girl groups Madame X and Altitude..you site kicks assss


  2. Girl, I can't see the streaming machine. Maybe it's busted?


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