Album Watch: Do You Think Mariah Carey Can Pull Off "Vision Of Love" In 2009?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Mariah Carey announced over the weekend that she will be releasing her first official single off of her much delayed, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, in the very near future. What? You thought "Obsessed" was the first single right? You aren't alone in your thought. From reports, "Obsessed" was merely "fun summer trifle" and it was purely a "buzz single" that was meant to be an appetizer till the main course made its way onto the table. Well, at someone got the "trifle" part right. Mariah Carey's team announced that the real first official single from Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel is to be a ballad in the frame of what Mariah's very first single, 1990's "Vision Of Love", was. You know, epic, soaring and #1 hit material. Hmm...we'll just see about that as we all can attest to Mariah's vocal chops not being as sharp as they used to be but maybe Mariah may indeed give us that vintage feeling if she gets her ducks in a row. To me, this whole scenario is clearly Mariah's PR team covering their asses after seeing how "Obsessed" hasn't been fairing with the public. To be fair, the "fun summer trifle" wasn't a flop single, as it rests on the Billboard chart at #14 and has reached its highest peak at #11. Not shabby, but the fact that there was a crusty-old back story to the song and that the song wasn't even remotely good possibly led to its stalling. Now it's back to the drawing board for Mariah as she pushes Memoirs back for a second time and reaches back in a early 90's mindset. So why all this re-draft of plans?

What's rumored to be bringing on the pressure is Whitney Houston's comeback, as it has been reported that L.A. Reid (CEO over at Island Def Jam, and the one overseeing Mariah's career at the present) was at Houston's listening party for her I Look To You record, and probably started feeling a bit squeamish at what he heard. Thus plans A and B were scratched and plan C is in the works. Still that rumor is just the right ingredient to start up an all out diva war, and we don't want to see the earrings come off, nails ready to scratch and the weaves a-flying. Just downright un-ladylike.

With all these delays, single changes and some wimpy hype, the Memoirs project is looking more and more "Imperfect" by the moment, yet, sometimes more scrutinizing and more allowed time could have Mariah pushing to make a more refined and listenable album. Here's to hoping.


  1. I definitely think Mariah can recreate her classic 90s material. I'm excited to hear her new album.

  2. I think she can, but will she be equally as powerful on stage (vocally) as she 'has' been? Or at least will she be better than she's been lately?


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