Album Watch: Janet's Back...Let The Stanning Begin!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

<---Yes, that is THE Miss Janet Jackson as she poses shellacked and android-like in a "new" promo shot that leaked online last night (apparently its not new, just someone had fun playing around with Photoshopping). Still, that is Janet in the picture, not Michael, like some people have been squealing about on various forums and blogs...but I digress...

Last week, Mama Jan Jan (my pet name for her cause well...I'm crazy) dropped a gaggle of new things on her unsuspecting stanbase fanbase. First, Janet jumped aboard the 21st Century social networking and launched her official Twitter page. At the moment, Janet has only Tweeted two things and has over 42,000 stans we trust! Then she revamped her official website with some photos from the Damita Jo/20 Y.O. eras (I'm guessing she wants to forget about that Discipline stuff too...) integrated in a crisp and easy to function site. And then, if that wasn't enough fabulous news, there has been constant yap of 2010 being the Year of Janet as she will release her 11th album with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis back where they belong in the producing driving seat.

From the looks of things, Janet is gearing up for something quite huge, and while I don't want to get my hopes up, I can't help but be excited for something fresh from Miss Jackson. Even though it may seem far-fetched or just blind hope, the passing of Michael may play a hefty role in the material that Janet may produce this time around. There could be the possibility that she may even delve into her "Velvet Rope" mode (aka "moody" and "reflective") and our ears may get to hear some classic and ambitious sounds like her highly-acclaimed 1997 release. Then again, I could be just reaching and grabbing nothing but air...Still whatever Mama Jan Jan decides to do on this new effort, it will no doubt entertain and satisfy all of music hungry fans.

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