Album Watch: Prepping For N'Dambi's 'Pink Elephant'

Friday, August 28, 2009

Hand me my glitter purple pen, as this Audio Diva is "cosignin'" the return of one of neo-soul's baddest sistas. N'Dambi will forever get monster love from me as she is a genuine artist, has a killer afro, and that she's a born and raised Texan (Dallas, to get the city specifics). From the sound of things, N'Dambi's upcoming fourth album, Pink Elephant is going to be quite the scorcher as words and ideals like "80's hip-hop", "jazz-tinged" and "Blues" are floating about.

As if the kick ass cover art didn't further get you intrigued, N'Dambi worked with long-time producer, Leon Sylvers III, who is noted for being apart of the talented Sylvers family and producing for the likes of Shalamar and The Whispers. Something rather fantastic has to come out of that pairing! Since this is N'Dambi's first release on the legendary record label, Stax, she's making sure it's quite the satisfying musical venture. N'Dambi has been one of soul music's best kept secrets since her debut in 1999 with Little Lost Girl Blues. From there N'Dambi collaborated and sung back-up for fellow Dallas vocalist and neo-soul goddess, Erykah Badu, and has dropped two more albums, with the 2005 overseas release, A Weird Kind Of Wonderful, being the last. N'Dambi's new release has been anticipated, as ever since the crunchy funk, of first single, "Can't Hardly Wait" reared its head (hear below), eagerness has settled in for more punchy tunes from this soul stunner. Pink Elephant drops in stores October 6th.

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