Artist Watch: Why Kylie Auldist May Be My New Favorite Singer

Friday, August 14, 2009

There is another singing Kylie and she's from Australia? You bet your koalas! Kylie Auldist is one of those discoveries that this Audio Diva lives for. An unexpected find that comes from the blurry eyed searches of the interwebs in the wee morning hours for something that tantalizes the ear buds and gets my mouth in motion to ramble off about "my new discovery" to anyone who will listen. Call it music nerd-ish, but I call it life. Kylie Auldist's musical style isn't anything we haven't heard before from countless other artists, as her tunes sound ripped from some black wax circa 60's and 70's. Don't let that turn you off, as one can tire of the trend of Motown Soul that has been sweeping the music market these days. But be aware that it's all in Auldist's execution. Auldist possess a rich yet gruff moody tone, that is effortlessly delivered and grabs your attention right from the first note. With the help of her backing band, The Bamboos, you're getting two great pieces of a soulful puzzle that fit together wondrously. In the spirit of Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, Kylie Auldist and The Bamboos bring back age-old arrangements tweaked for the 21st Century, with a little Samba, a smidgen of Jazz, and a gob of Blues into the mix. You can hear the cookin' results of the two entities on Auldist's first two albums, 2008's Just Say, and this year's Made Of Stone. Just Say leans on a more sophisticated soul mantra while Made Of Stone blossoms with its funky wild child stomp, both are great and have been occupying my ears for a good week. From the first couple of listens to both sets you'll be hard pressed to find anything you dislike, as Auldist's voice is winning enough to make you kind of sigh to yourself and go, "This is the real deal, this girl can sang!"

Okay, okay, I've sung my praises long enough...So what does she really sound like, you ask? Take a gander at three cuts that, I feel, should give you a clearer picture of what Miss Auldist brings to the musical table. Prepared to be funk-ta-fied:

Just Say (from Just Say)

Cut You Loose (from Just Say)

In A Week, In A Day (from Made Of Stone)


  1. Whoooo! Girl!
    I am loving the sound of those cuts...Especially that funky "Cut You Loose". I might have to get my hands on those rekkids.

    On another note...
    Sharon Davis & The Dap Kings=
    AKA Sharon JONES & The Dap Kings.
    Jussayin'. ;-)

  2. Oh my days, she's actually pretty good. Mind you, you do have great taste in music, Jennifer.

    I do like quite a few Aussie artists though, Guy Sebastian's another one that is pretty awesome. His second album, 'Beautiful Life', especially.

  3. I love her and, being Australian, it's funny to see her here even before she appears on the local blogs. Kylie has a great sound and I can't wait to hear more. This is a fabulous discovery indeed!

  4. I LOVE Klie Auldist!

    Both her albums are fantastic! Also check out her collabo's with Cookin On 3 Burners (a soul/funk outfit similar to The Dap Kings & The Bamboos).

    In a similar vein are the UKs Laura Vane & The Vipertones who are well worth a look ;)


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