The Claire Huxtable Side Eye Award: Why Hip-Hop and Kidz Bop Should Never Mix

Friday, August 28, 2009

Is this supposed to be cute? Are we supposed to go: " ain't that just so precious? He's rapping! Little girls are dancing behind him in tutu's! Presh! Squee!" This post is no way directed to hate on children. Children are cute, tell amazing stories and know no better. This post is designed to hate on the parents who put their children up to these types of catastrophic ordeals that deserve a good old fashioned side-eye from the lovely Claire Huxtable, TV's favorite mother and lawyer.

Before you is the video for Lil' King, an up-in-coming pint-sized rapper who is teaching the new "ideal" called, "Wiggy Wiggy". First off, I'm quite shocked that no one has thought of "Lil' King" as a rap handle till 2009...I guess it shows you how lousy this is all unraveling to be. Second, it should be noted that Lil' King's poppa is none other than rapper, Silk The Shocker. Yes, that guy. Forgot about him didn't you? Third, it should also be noted that this is one of those moments where hip-hop and hip-hop culture gets cheaper than a plastic bowl n' cup set at Dollar General. I like my hip-hop with less farce and less Flintstone's Kids vitamins, thank you much.

Take it away Claire...

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