First Impressions: Anjulie's Big Ray Of Eclectic Sunshine

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Perky, charming and saccharine, Canadian vocalist, Anjulie bounces her way into the industry with a debut album that gives you that warm fuzzy feeling of being musically satisfied. If Anjulie seems like unfamiliar musical territory to you, then you aren't alone in your thinking, as Anjulie has been skimming the Canadian music scene for a couple of years writing her own material and penning tunes for others. Anjulie got her chance to shine individually when she hooked up with popular R&B producer, Jon Levine, also a native of Canada, to craft the songs that would ultimately end up on her self-titled debut. What followed next was the release of her Boom EP, which has been making blog rounds since last year. Anjulie plucks the best elements from various musical genres and fashions it into a bundle of eclectic grooves and moods. Sometimes it feels like it wouldn't work, but in fact, this is what keeps the album a fresh listen every time the play button is pushed. Fresh is quite an understatement right from the start of the divine bizarre contents of first single, "Boom", a song that is unique in every sense of the word. Anjulie, as an artist, resides in good company with the likes of Nelly Furtado and Esthero, as she exudes that quirky yet enduring musicality, songs like the poppy "Addicted2Me" showcase this. On the melodic "Rain", Anjulie grabs inspiration from the singer-songwriters hey-day of the 1970's as she gels hip-hop with folk lyricism. The crisp and utterly perfect, "Love Songs" remains to be a favorite, as it poetically touches on 60's girl group mannerisms. "Some Dumb Girl" is my track of choice, with it being immersed in a slick "blue lights in basement" spell, right down to the peppering of horns and oozing synths. From the first straight through listen of Anjulie you get a sense that it tries to cover everything from Samba numbers like "Columbia" to the Motown sing-a-long of "I Want The World To Know" that it almost seems like Anjulie has no central genre she wants to truly stick to. Yet, my guess is that's what the objective is, as Anjulie and her debut take the road less traveled.

Rating: 9.7/10
Release Date: August 4, 2009


  1. She is very good, I notice the album cover at the side of your site Jennifer and was very intrigued, the cover alone made me wanna snap this up, but after hearing a couple of songs so far, I think I like this artist.

  2. i really look "Boom" a lot and the Bimbo Jones remix is quite good. it's great to see a fellow Canadian artist make a splash abroad. good for her!

  3. Thanks for the review - I love Anjulie :) My friend put me onto her about a month ago! Did you all know she's got a contest for autographed headphones going on with Monster?

    Visit and enter now to win a pair of Monster headphones, with the box autographed by the sensational and sultry new Monster Music/HEAR Music Records singer/songwriter, Anjulie. The amazing, surround sound SuperDisc version of her self-titled debut LP, featuring the club hit, "Boom," will be available from Monster Music in September, 2009. So, Monster thought, what better time to give a way some free headphones autographed by 2009 MTV Video Music Award nominee Anjulie! Plus, these Monster headphones haven't even hit stores yet, which means you can be the first to rock 'em!

    Contest ends at 11:59:59 p.m. PT on September 15, 2009!

    And to hear Anjulie's sound, check her out on MySpace:


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