First Impressions: Does Naturi Do 'Out Here On My Own' Justice?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Been a bit on the silent front concerning the remake of 1980's cult musical classic, Fame. Why? Possibly because I'm a purist and can only imagine the original New York High School of Performing Arts gang, that's why. Still it intrigued me that they have rehashed a few songs from the original score and added it in to the brand new batch of songs for the film's soundtrack (no love for "Hot Lunch Jam" Former 3LW member, Naturi Naughton has a starring role in the remake, and she takes on the movies biggest songs, the title theme song, and the soul stirring balladry of, "Out Here On My Own". Now we all know that singer/actress, Irene Cara (who played in the original Fame flick as the ambitious Coco) made those two songs monumental 80's anthems that have been sung in many a hairbrush over the years. Still, for Naturi, it's a tricky task to take over the torch, especially when someone else has made it their signature songs for years. As an unabashed Cara fan, my bias will obviously show through, but I will say that Naturi handled these songs fairly well. Especially on "Out Here On My Own", which has her doing the same vocal gymnastics as Cara but in her own style, and it's not too shabby. While her vocals aren't on the same page as Irene's, the props are clearly noted. Compare and contrast below. If you wanna live forever and learn how to fly high, Fame will be hitting theaters September 25th.

1 comment:

  1. Naturi did a great job! I was surprised; I didn't know she had pipes like that!


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