First Impressions: Mariah Finally Acts Her Age With A Foreigner Cover

Friday, August 28, 2009

Ever since Mariah Carey and her team tried decided to neuralize our memories Men In Black style about "Obsessed" being the first single, it has been stated that Mama Lamb will be releasing the "first official single" from Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel in the guise of a cover of Foreigner's classic 1981 hit, "I Want To Know What Love Is". As we still whine about Mariah's ability to pull a ballad out of her brassiere again like old times, the fact that she decided to cover Foreigner is quite intriguing, especially since I feel, I've heard some sort of rendition of it already, whether at a drunken piano bar or a talent show, and it always sounded hokey. Thus, Mariah singing this seems very camp. Personally, the original song was ruined for me back in my freshman year of college due to my old suitemate, as she played this song at 8:00 PM every.freakin'.day on the dot. So for about a semester and a half, this song morphed from being an 80's guilty pleasure, to a stye in my eye. But I digress...

So the monumental thing about Mariah cover smothering Foreigner is that we are getting a sense of Carey's ability to bring back that old feeling of her 90's ballads. Yes, she is still a little shaky as her vocal stylings are like when you kick start a lawnmower, about two to three pulls in and then the thing sputters and then operates. She does the whispery-whispy vocal thing in some parts (especially the chorus) and but just like that lawnmower, once she gets started, she riles up and lets out those signature high whistles when the obligatory church choir come thundering into the background. While its not classic Mariah or even on par with her other covers such as Def Leppard's "Bringing On The Heartbreak" or Journey's "Open Arms", its actually quite nice and extremely safe. All in all, Mariah is inching a bit closer to finally sounding much more like her old self again.

I Want To Know What Love Is


  1. It is just one hot mess! Im sorry I cannot give this a 10. why is she stooping to everyone else's hits! she is more than capable of her own quality music and not the kiddy hip hop crap.


  2. I really love this. I mean, lets face it--she's not getting her "Vision of Love" vocals back, but this sounds really good.

    Great review.


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