First Impressions: Maybe We Have 'Heard 'Em All'

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Yes, this was leaked during my absence, but I feel the need to talk some noise about why I'm getting the case of the "samey-sames" with this track....

Question: Why must Amerie try and chase "1 Thing", especially to the point of making songs that sound almost exactly like it?

Possible answer: Oh, yeah, because she's in dire need for a hit and apparently this is the way to go to make music listeners' brains associate to the fact that she is the "1 Thing" girl. Thus high sales and interest commence.

Here we have a song that tries to be "above" what Amerie's 2005 chart topper was, and that is the Eric Hudson produced, "Heard 'Em All", a sort of "I'm back bitches!" type of number that is to showcase Amerie's fierce nature. For me, the track ends up sounding akin to that cousin who's always is trying to be in competition with you. It's genetically intact to what "1 Thing" is with the clunky drums and skittish two-stepper rhythms, but it still doesn't compare and therefore just stands there looking like a shoddy imitation. I'm not blaming Amerie. Why would she bite the hands that are feeding her? Still, if she wants her upcoming (and heavily pushed back), In Love & War to be a take-off success with the chance for it to not replicate the mishandled release of 2007's Because I Love It, she needs to hit it out of the ballpark better than this and not try and fool her listeners into getting reheated leftovers.

Heard 'Em All


  1. It's not bad, but about halfway through the song gets very redundant and thus, boring....even with the "jumping" production. I like Amerie though..I want her to blow up! She's been around so long, she deserves it

  2. I agree JacqueRoxx, the song does become redundant after awhile. I forgot to mention about the tempo change, mid-song...clever idea, but it seemed just thrown in and not properly executed, it seemed like I was listening to a new song for a split moment!

    I want Amerie to succeed to after all that mess with 'Because I Love It', but I think when she signed with Island/Def Jam, she was kinda's hoping the next songs released are better.


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