Itsy Bitsy Break

Monday, August 3, 2009

Last week I was quite sporadic with postings, and I apologize for that as my motor was running down...yes, surprisingly this Audio Diva is not a mechanical robot who runs on glitter infused I've decided to wind down and take a mini break.
Not a long break, just a week off from the grinding music blogging circuit in order to get out of my writing rut and to rest my brain for a bit. If you still want to keep in touch with me or keep me up to date on music goings on (cause I know once I leave for a week, something fabulous will happen!) e-mail me or leave me a Twitter message or shout cause I'll be checking those during my absence here on the blog.
Don't fret, I'll be back to business next week so keep checking back and keep the music playing! :)

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