Remember The Time: Bamboo Earrings, At Least Two Pair

Monday, August 17, 2009

Taking a look through the camera lens with LL Cool J as he cruises NYC for his "Around The Way Girl". Things to note...
  • The single reached #9 on the Billboard Top 100, and is from LL's 1990 album, Mama Said Knock You Out
  • "She looks like she's from the Addams Family"...more like Breakfast At Tiffanys to me, LL
  • Doorknocker earrings, off the shoulder overalls and backwards caps...I always wished to dress like that when I was a mere six years old, but Audio Mom wouldn't allow it *grumble*
  • How many Kangol hats did LL possess throughout the 80's and 90's? One must know these things.
  • Those girls are way too calm as LL is filming them walking down the street, I'd be like Nisi and Mickey in B.A.P.S if I saw LL...screaming and acting a right fool in front of everybody
  • Note that LL is shirtless in it should be
  • @1:53...I dance like that sans green overalls
  • @2:22...I dance like that whenever something good happens to me
  • LL needs to stop being reflective and pass that wine over to me, it's just sitting there as he yaks on
  • Okay, that's a little stalker-ish @2:30
  • @ 2:55...brotha you lost, with your hot dogs
  • This song has some of the best lyrics of ALL-TIME..."perm in your hair, or even a curly weave, with your New Edition Bobby Brown button on your sleeve". LL is a true wordsmith.
  • Bart Simpson makes a surprise guest appearance in this video

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