The Scramble: Tuesday Tag...You're It

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Feuds: By now you've heard that Roisin Murphy got a bit pissy at Lady GaGa for stealing her style...well, let's all climb aboard the OBVIOUS Wagon then shall we?

Tribute: The Michael Jackson tribute concert is a-go-go, as the location has been chosen for (Vienna ) and three major acts have been exposed (Whitney Houston, U2 and Madonna).

Bizarre Notes: I think I gave a massive side-eye, a headdesk, a swoon and a gag all in one reflex from this piece of news... Maxwell, Robin Thicke, Tyrese and The Dream are all to be on a new R. Kelly song entitled "Pregnant". Maxwell and Robin, please do not go to the Dark Side...

In WTF News: These spoilers of the Spike Jonze directed film about Kanye West lead me to believe that we Americans have been lied to about the Recession as we are wasting precious film on narcissistic garbage such as this.

T-Shirt Talk: Christina Aguilera takes the words right out of our mouths about auto-tune

Ice Queen: Posh Spice aka Victoria Beckham has filled in Paula Abdul's seat at the American Idol auditions in Denver, Colorado, and well, folks are saying she was "stiff" and "icy" ...well duh, she's been stiff and icy since 1996!


  1. Maxwell tweeted that he is not on that new R.Kelly song.

  2. Thanks Music Lover :) I wrote this up at like 1:00 am before he Tweeted this, I'll be sure to update, especially since sadly it looks like Robin Thicke is still involved :(


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