Adventures In Irrelevancy: MTV VMA's Graces Us With Janet, Jerks and Just Unnecessary Behavior

Monday, September 14, 2009

Common knowledge would let you know that the MTV Video Music Awards is quite the joke now, considering that MTV has really no stance on what is construed as music anymore as they barely show music videos. Beat dead horse, turn around bright eyes and beat dead horse some more. We know what was the main reason for tuning into the awards last night? Seeing MTV shoot spitballs at BET's weak attempt at honoring the late, Michael Jackson by having his sister, Janet Jackson grace her presence on the stage for a spitfire performance of "Scream", a duet vocal and dance performance that she shared with her late brother back in 1995. Not to mention adding in a legion of dancers (I see you Tina Landon and Chris Judd) as they paid homage by being decked out in MJ fashion wear and rockin' to the King's signature moves. Even though this was the highlight of the evening, and possibly the core reason for everyone dropping everything on a Sunday evening to see, the VMA's always manage to have some sort of controversy/nontroversy or flat out over the top musical performances that will no doubt be water cooler talk the following morning. That's where the awards shine...with the straight up foolishness and the artists who bring it. Oh, yeah, and some good music too. And least we forget, some Moonman were given out. But nobody really cares about those things anyways? Some highlights (and lowlights) of the evening from the Audio Diva perspective...

Complete List Of Winners (for those who care)

The Only Performance You Needed To See:

Okay, Pink Doing Acrobatic Work Was Awesome Too:

Let's Play A Game:
Which one is it? Hint: It's someone with Lil' in their name...

Kanye West Steps On A Kitten, World Cries: Now we know what kind of drunk Mr. West is. In a ignorant asshole move, the rapper interrupted country singer, Taylor Swift during her speech for winning Best Female Video, by citing that Beyonce had the best female video of this year. He has since apologized (in all Caps, naturally) on his blog for his actions, possibly in limbo of sobriety and drunkdom. Still boo koo kachoo to you Kanye for stealing shine from teenagers....especially teenage girls.

Sorry To Upset Your Breakfast....:Lady GaGa stay ridiculous (and awesome)

What Your Face Looked Like During the Awards & Possibly Lady GaGa's Performance & Her Mosaic of Outfits:

Why I Wanted To Step In Ongoing Traffic Last Night: Beyonce showed class and what being a true performer is all about, by letting Taylor Swift give her speech during the R&B songstress moment for when she won Video Of The Year. Yes, Beyonce got some brownie points from the Audio Diva. Document this day.

Madonna Talked About A Sexy Shades Removal From Michael: The Queen of Pop gave a touching reflection on her times with, the King Of Pop, Michael Jackson, as she opened the show. It was a little lengthy but touching nonetheless, especially her talking about Michael whipping his shades off so she could see his eyes. Was I the only one who was kind aroused by that slick move courtesy of Michael? Why are we finding out these amazing things about this man after he's passed?

Biggest Question Of The Night: Where was the security? On potty break? Weed break? Sure they escorted Kanye's wasted arse out of the building following his tirade but how in heckle did Lil' Mama also bum-rush the stage? The rapper saddled her ignorant self up next to Jay-Z and Alicia Keys during their performance of "Empire State Of Mind", possibly in an attempt to make herself relevant, and the world scratched their heads in confusion. We need to do better people...on all fronts.

Final Thought: MTV VMA's stay classy.

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