Album Watch: Adriana Evans' 'Nomadic' To Wander No More

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Get a chance to re-introduce yourself to underrated neo-soul maverick, Adriana Evans this November as the singer is re-releasing her 2004 sophomore album, Nomadic. The label, Animated Cartunes, is responsible for bringing this album back to the listening public on CD, vinyl and digital download formats, and its truly welcomed as it's been a hot minute since we've last heard anything from Miss Evans. Shame, since Adriana Evans came out in the mid-90's as one of Neo-Soul's pioneer artists, bringing her musical repertoire of fusing Afro/Cuban-beats with slick Soul along for the ride. I have been a fan of this Bay Area songstress since obtaining her excellent, 2007 album, El Camino and then reaching back and buying her 1997 self-title debut. Both albums are massive and deserve to be heard by more ears, thus the re-releasing of Nomadic (which was apparently released to import markets and is being sold for a ridiculous amount of cash online) is one re-release I would whip my pen out and co-sign for. No word on if Adriana is cooking up something new in the kitchen, but for now enjoy being transported back to Nomadic's time with the video for song, "7 Days" below. Also make sure if you missed Nomadic the first time you can grab it on November 10th.

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  1. This artist is amazing, it's always nice to see something on her being posted. I definitely hope to hear more of her in the future.

    I hate it when places sell albums for ridulous amounts, they do it with a lot of albums, most of them overseas artist who you have to get on import, they know people will be wanting to buy it and try and cash in on that knowledge. I've seen Boyz II Men's Japanese only albums on sale for ridiculous amounts too. It's unreal.

    I think something needs to be done to crack down on sites/people trying to extort large amounts for music. There's no wonder some people download illegally when there's prices like that around.


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