Album Watch: So Janet Is Releasing A Two-Disc Collection Too...

Monday, September 28, 2009

Remember when I counted down 5 ways that Janet Jackson could get her career back on track after the unfortunate dismal display of the Discipline album and tour? This piece of album news is one of those things that should be added into the list because a brand new hits compilation is kind of what Janet needs. Two weeks ago, Janet released the fantastic groover, "Make Me", and most were questioning where the song matriculated from. A new album track? Tribute to late brother Michael Jackson? Or just a morsel of a gift to fans? The word is out that, "Make Me" is going to be featured on an upcoming greatest hits compilation from Miss Jackson as one of a few new tracks. A 2-disc, 30 song collection of Janet's #1 hits will be hitting shelves on November 17th of this year. Before you counteract with, "Janet doesn't have 30 #1 hits!?", this collection is a compilation of all her global #1's and will cover much more ground than what 1996's Design of a Decade displayed. And this collection will be spanning ALL the years the dance maven has been taking us on "escapades" and giving us "pleasure principles".

There is also a meaty rumor circulating about Madonna (who is also releasing a 2-disc compilation this year) joining Janet for a brand-new song on the compilation....Cue the clatter of forks to china plates. Apparently, the two got to talking after being a part of MTV's VMA tribute to Michael Jackson and a discussion of working together on a project blossomed. We'll see if this rumor morphs into truth, but overall this upcoming greatest hits project is a good look for Janet as she sets up for her next album which is rumored to be released in 2010. We must remember that, a greatest hits collection can play like a gentle yet nostalgic reminder of an artist's catalog of work, plus help make way for new things to come.

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  1. WHAT?? Janet and Madonna. I refuse to believe it!! I thought they despised one another??! I'm curious to see how they worked out the licensing on this compilation considering she left Virgin; not that there were many hits during her post-Virgin days, but still..


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