Artist Watch: Soul The Serrata Way

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My inbox is a tawdry mess and it is in need of AudioMom's sense of cleanliness. What resides there are the usual lottery scams n' spams, the Facebook reminders that I constantly ignore, and then there are the handful of "New Artist! New Sound! New Everything!" messages. Some I skim, and others just seem to get lost in the shuffle. Thankfully, the e-mail concerning artist, Amy Serrata didn't get lost in the mash of my digital junk drawer, because if I had skipped this soul chanteuse, I might just be kicking myself at the thought of missing out on yet another talent. Serrata is what a real soul music head craves, as her buttery smooth soprano spreads grandly over the jazz, soul and hip-hop compositions she has crafted. In a way, she sounds like a blend between what Erykah Badu, Nelly Furtado and even Jill Scott were to sound like in one person, yet, comparisons don't do Serrata justice. A disciple of Willie Norwood (singer Brandy's father) and a once member of Stanford University's Gospel Choir, Serrata released her self-titled debut album last year to a small simmer of critical acknowledgment, yet she won't be a unknown for long. With The Roots drummer extraordinaire, ?uestlove in her corner and a unique neo-soul meets vintage jazz sound, Serrata is clear on her way to being unknown no more. Below are two tracks that give you a sample of how Serrata plays the soul game. "Rooted" features punchy gut guitars but glides into a hypnotic harmonious swirl while "Love Another" shuffles along on its hip-hop beat and sweet honey soul ways. Both get the thumbs up from me, and both are sure to get you in the mood to check out Serrata further.

Love Another

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  1. oh wow, i know Amy haha, this is awesome! I love your blog, its a trip to see some1 I actually know on here. Big ups on your blog and this post especially! If you're ever in the Bay Area or need help with the night life out here, just holla, i promote some events here! Have a great weekend!


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