Audio Vision: Adele and India.Arie Are 'Queens'

Friday, September 18, 2009

Yes, the Audio Diva missed the return of Divas Live on VH1 last night, but let's just say I had other pressing matters to attend to last night. Still the curious cat that I am was intrigued of what went down last night at the Brooklyn Music Academy where the special girl-power pipes event took place, even though I was never jazzed with the line-up. What was seen was a mixed bag of goods, bads and uglies. Jennifer Hudson getting in the "spotlight" was good. Paula Abdul going through the Forever Your Girl tracklist in her dancing shoes was awesomely bad and well, Miley Cyrus just being on the roster was just plain old ugly. While there were some notable performances, one of the new batch of divas-in-training out shined the rest...and that soul is Adele.

Something about Adele's voice just wraps you up in a warm blanket of soul and emotion, and man, you just feel awash with comfort. The Grammy-winning vocalist shared the stage with the fabulous, India.Arie as the two sung along to India's song, "Because I Am Queen" and the two voices were meant for a duet. Just grand. Adele also gave a stunning performance of her hit, "Hometown Glory"...and boy, oh, boy, did I get chills. Simply breathtaking. Hopefully, once I spot an embeddable vid, it'll get posted here but in the meantime check out the clip above. Seriously, if there is one thing that Divas Live did right Thursday night was get Adele on the bill.


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  2. Adele is an amazing talent, her voice is so soulful, you could definitely listen to her sing all day. The fact she teamed up on India's song, 'Video', is great. I love this song.

    The fact that Miley Cyrus was on this show is beyond a joke, no way should she have been anywhere near this show. Jill Scott should have definitely taken her place.


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