Blog Scoping: Celebrate The Iconography Of Madonna

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

With the release of Madonna's greatest hits opus, Celebration, its perfectly normal to feel the need to dig back in the catalog of Madge. As the music nerd in me enjoys a little comprehensive "behind the music" overview of singles, albums and the like, it was lush finding a blog to cater to that need to revel in Madonna nostalgia. Iconography set the music nerd radar off due to it being a blog specifically designed to showcase each and every Madonna single and video ever released, up till the release date of the hits package. As the blogger of Iconography, is currently up to the True Blue age (my personal favorite Madge era), looking back at the archives for 1983's "The First Album" and 1984's Like A Virgin was a treat, as you can see the skeletal structures of a musical deity in the making with descriptions and background information of all the singles released from those prospective albums. Interesting tidbits abound (and stuff any Madge follower should know!), such as her cameo and soundtrack contribution in the film Vision Quest, as well as the factoid of Madonna's first two singles leading radio and the listening public to assume she was Black female singer. Chew on that for a moment...If you're a sucker for vintage Madonna, music trivia and just mind escaping nostalgia, then this is the type of blog viewing to soak in.

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