Crisp N' Fresh: Madonna Celebrates By Wiggling Around

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What is Madonna doing in the video for pristine single, "Celebration"?

Well, she's...
1. Dancing
2. Wiggling
3. Shaking the Gluteus Maximus
4. Touching herself in that familiar zone we are used to seeing her touch
5. Striking poses
6. Kissing/loving up on latest shirtless Boy Toy
7. Letting her hipster B-Boy's do all the work for the most part
8. Rocking a sequined dress

Even though she's as old as my Mom and is a mother herself, Madonna is the only 50+ pop tart that I will allow this kind of behavior in a video. Celebrate.


  1. No fair. I want a proper video with the Oakenfold edit :( *pout*

  2. I agree. When I first heard it I was like...this isn't the same song?? Her daughter is supposed to be in the real video...dressing up as her famous Mom. Looking forward to that.


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