First Impressions: Paloma's Truth & Beauty

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It is too salty of an assumption that newbie Paloma Faith is being Amy Winehouse's seat filler. It is obligatory since the two women share a British background yet possess a Southern Fried vocal twang that gives them that blue-eyed soul quality. Then the similarities halt there especially after one listen to Paloma's first curtain call. Paloma is showier, quirky and is a tad more smoothed around the frayed edges than La Winehouse. Almost theater geek like but less rampant. Whatever Paloma looks, sounds or feels like, there is room to marvel over her debut, which is waiting in the wings to be one of 2009's finest recordings. Playing at a brief, yet cohesive 10 tracks, You Want The Truth, Or Something Beautiful? plays like a glorious musical soundtrack, as its chock-filled with symphonic laced suites, blaring horn workouts and soaring ballads. The burlesque dancer-turned singer, gives us an exceptional debut, that possesses compositions that blossom upon arrival and play out like poetry in motion. "Stone Cold Sober" was the singer's formal introduction to the masses, and the horn infused head bopper stomps along gloriously as it kicks off the set. The 50's soda shop standard is modernized on the earnest, "Broken Doll". Current single, "New York" sits comfortably on this set, still being the gorgeous highlight it is. The title track is a swirling epic piece that starts out like a brooding Philly Soul number that stepped out of the 60's, but turns on its head with the lush orchestral display during the instrumental bridge and its just insanely perfect. Another flawless cut is the delicate, "Stargazer", which has the most alluring chorus and climactic build-up, you have to play it twice. "Upside Down" has the potential to be a single with its rousing feet shuffling go-go groove as is the sing-song, "Romance Is Dead" which has some fun lyrical wordplay. What is truly refreshing about You Want The Truth is that it just comes out of nowhere, literally plopping down in your lap, being the sparkling musical package it is. Paloma proves with this gem of an album that she is well on her way to being a hefty contender in the soul n' pop market. Play on Paloma.

Rating: 9.8/10
Release Date: September 29, 2009

Upside Down
Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful?


  1. I'm not really into the music of this artist much, she's very talented, but it's just not to my taste.

    I did like a video she did, but it wasn't really a music video, it was more of a creative piece and it caught my imagination, so I posted it on my site, you might like it too. It's basically about paper and her dreaming in paper. You can see it on Youtube here:

    Such a creative video. I like that, but can't seem to get into her music, she is very talented though. You have to give credit where it's due.

  2. Even after liking the 1st 2 singles I was fully expecting not to like the whole album ... but I was oh so wrong!

    It's fantastic, all the songs are strong and I agree that 'Stargazer' is definitely a stand-out.

    This and Quadron are gonna be right up there come end of 09.


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