First Impressions: The Two Reasons Why I Already Like 'Blueprint 3'

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sometimes I feel left of center whenever I discuss the Hip-Hop game and its players on this blog, as its not the normal territory where I roam. Don't get me wrong, I'm not totally tone deaf to the wordsmiths of the rap genre, as I love a little flow every now and again, but let's be real, it doesn't happen often on the adventures. So today, I'll be less Carlton Banks and more C-Note as I give a spin to the recent collaborations that veteran MC, Jay-Z has splashed about on his third and final Blueprint installment, which from the first earful aren't terribly bad. The Blueprint 3 was highly anticipated for a number of reasons as we have Hov kind of back in normalcy from doing concept albums (2007's American Gangster) and comebacks from a quasi-retirement (2006's Kingdom Come). Blueprint 3 has Jay working with both Timbaland and Kanye West on the production side, as well with a bushel load of special guests from familiar faces such as Pharrell and Young Jeezy, to new kids, Kid Cudi and Drake. Cohesive it is and tightly packed with loads of star power, The Blueprint 3 is Jay in an element where he's almost sharing his project with those around him. He does this sharing quite nicely on the two tracks that I most favored from special guests, Mr. Hudson and Alicia Keys. Already you know how I adore both Alicia and Mr. Hudson, so liking these tunes was a natural process. Alicia adds her soul smarts to the punchy ivory keyed groove of "Empire State Of Mind" which is destined to get some sort of single release especially due to Jay's blunt delivery of being among the NY elite. On the flip side, to close the album, rising star Mr. Hudson takes on a reworking of Alphaville's 80's classic, "Forever Young" on the sparse synth constructed, "Young Forever". The song fits the British crooner like a glove, and Jay gels nicely in with the brooding groove. So yes, there is something for everyone on Jay's eleventh hour whether you are a die-hard rap head or just casually strolling through. The Blueprint 3 will be dropping in stores September 11th...and that date is almost obsolete now since the whole thing is floating around the Net like Froot Loops in milk. Just sayin'...

Empire State Of Mind (ft. Alicia Keys)

Young Forever (ft. Mr. Hudson)


  1. I'm working on a Jay-Z discography review. I'm so glad to see someone is as excited about this album as I am! Which ones your favorite album? mine would be between Reasonable Doutbt or In My Lifetime.

  2. I'd love to read the review! I'm not a huge Jay-Z fan...I know, I fail. I've liked a couple of singles here and there. His "Hard Knock Life" period stands out to me the most though.


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