News Bites: Another Sugababe Bites The Dust

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Something about a musical group breaking up, no matter if you liked, worshiped or hated them, the soap opera surrounding it just kind of engages you and you want to know all the "whys" and "what's to comes". This is what can be said about British pop tarts, The Sugababes as they stirred up the Internets over the weekend with the departure of another member, Keisha Buchanan. While this seems like "so the fudge what?", this is actually the third time the Babes have experienced a group shift. And here you thought Destiny's Child and Shalamar were bad with the rotation of original and newly added members due to feuds and creative direction. Well, our bad. The Sugababes join a line of shift-shaping musical acts as the last initial member of the 1998 original line-up of the Sugababes (which consisted of Keisha, Siobhan Donaghy and Mutya Buena) Keisha announced yesterday that she was leaving the group. Keisha picked an odd time to bow out, as the group were planning to take on the US market, after signing with Jay Z's label, Roc Nation Records on the group's upcoming seventh album, Sweet 7. Yet, it has been assured by the official statement the group released that Keisha is plugging to go the route of her former Babes sisters, as she is going to be a solo artist. The group has since announced that Eurovision vet, Jade Ewan will be taking Keisha's place and that addition is surely not welcomed by pop purists. Especially, since none of the original members of the group are left over and the group is continuing with their namesake.

Former member, Mutya Buena kind of put the whole thing in perspective via Twitter and well, you can say she may be chuckling about the whole incident, considering she pack'd her bags five years ago. As a fan of the original line-up of Sugababes during the One Touch era and a semi-follower of their new brood, I feel some sympathy especially since it seemed that after Mutya's departure in 2005 that things were getting back in shape. All of this hysteria involving a girl group member's exit brought back memories of when Geri Halliwell aka Ginger Spice announced she was leaving The Spice Girls at the height of the group's career, and how people just flipped their wigs over the departure. It happens, cat fights occur in the spotlight, growing apart abounds and yes, things never last that long, but man...can't some pop groups just stay together to prove nay-sayers wrong? Ugh. Here's hoping the Sugababes get it together so they can properly make waves in the American market, as they have a fresh new line-up to do so.

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