Song Stuck In My Head: Diana Gets 'Dirty'

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dirty Looks - Diana Ross (1987)

Let me get it out of my system that I'm not that big of a Diana Ross fan. I know. I know. Ostracize me. Take away my Sista Girl card. Yes, I'm the perfect candidate to love me some Diana Ross, as I'm a fan of the divas brigade from the obscure to the mainstream, and duh! my name is the Audio Diva...but its just that I've never been that impressed with some of her later output after The Supremes, save for a couple of numbers and most of them were obscure R&B hits that seem long forgotten by now. Like Donna Summer, I prefer Diana's music in the 80's. It was a little edgier, and she worked with a variety of producers and songwriters which gave her a mosaic display of sounds and ideals. Some worked and some didn't but at least Ms. Ross liked to shake the pot a bit. I enjoyed the hell out of the first two cuts off of her 1987 album, Red Hot Rhythm & Blues , the sensual slither of "Stranger In Paradise" and the funky cool, "Dirty Looks". The lead off single "Dirty Looks" is sexy without being tart or tacky, and Diana does her signature cooing yet injects some attitude into the mix. It's a great little mid-tempo song with a thumping bassline and Fairlight synths (a weakness of mine), that makes me rethink my whole grudge of shunning La Ross.

See Diana Ross hair? That's how my hair looks when its all blow dried out and I look ridiculous, Diana on the other hand looks great....Beach scenes, so 80's...aerobic dancers, so 80's...mirrored shades, so 80's, but so cool...


  1. i've never heard this song before...actually a lot of Diana's solo stuff.

    It's a great tune!

  2. I know this song. Thanks for giving some attention to Diana. I am a fan.

  3. "Red Hot Rhythm & Blues" is such a great LP, and "Dirty Looks" (a #12 R&B hit) tends to be forgotten. I'm hoping she gets a more exhaustive compilation for her RCA work. The ones on the market tend leave stuff off, but she scored tons of genuine R&B hits between her recording span of 1981-1987 there. Great highlight!-QH


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