Take 5 Friday: Cloudy With A Chance Of MJ's Gloves

Friday, September 11, 2009

Take 5 is back after having an emotional snow day...er...emotional snow months....

1. If This Isn't Epic, It'll Cut Like A Knife: The best MTV promo in say...years? Especially since it's musically inclined (No Hills twats!) and doesn't bring on the cringing (West Side Story promo). MTV might be doing something right with the Video Music Awards on Sunday, and its proof right here that they are taking this Michael Jackson tribute seriously (note to BET and their big fat fail wedding of a tribute back in June). Whoever thought this amazing promo up...the Audio Diva sends you a digital Harry & David basket with cheese, summer sausage and pears.

2. Mr. Hudson Tells 'White Lies': Has this been out for awhile? It has...well, maybe now is the time to give it the proper go since people are probably over the grandiose "Supernova" and are probably searching for something else to marinate their ears in from the Soul crooner. Yes, I'm rooting for Mr. Hudson like a football team, possibly because his voice fascinates me (he sounds so bored, yet so involved all in one go), plus I'm finding him a bit more exciting than some other soulful White boys, and that's because he kind of doesn't do the Motown thing. He does the Spandau Ballet thing. Okay...on to "White Lies" which was leaked back in, I think July, but somehow got buried in my music folder. Its a good look, very stark, brooding and spooky. Thanks to Idolator for reminding me of its existence in my files.

3. Time Wasters, Me Likes 'Em: Want to waste five minutes? Generate your own wallpaper from your Last.fm cover art, just because I know how much you love to show off your awesome musical tastes to all your friends (and secretly laugh behind their backs at how you have better music tastes than them).

4. Rimshot: I could give twenty Fig Newtons about rapper beefs, but for some reason, Jay-Z's tumblarity rolled from 16 to 84 with his response back to Troll-Pain's stupid comment about Jay-Z being "59 years old" for dissing his beloved meal ticket, auto-tune. Hov's response to the Hobbit:

“I hope he had fun saying it”

Perfect. No cursing. No counter diss about Troll-Pain's crusty exterior (too easy I guess). Simple, classy and blunt. This response is actually better than Blueprint 3 (sans those 2 songs I liked), but don't take my word for it...

5. Girlfriends Roller Derby Together: Enough of the seriousness, let's get a little Cheese-Whiz... Irene Cara as she sings about friendship's "sticking together" while participating in a roller derby in her 1987 music video for long-lost doo-wop single, "Girlfriends" (off of the criminally forgotten Carasmatic album). You know something, I like 80's music videos like this, with a simple retro story line, a homage to Sparkle, a cameo or two (Irene's mom is in this), and Irene Cara flying over people in skates. See this is the kind of music video that puts a smile on your face. Singers take themselves way too seriously nowadays...

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  1. Huge props for posting that Irene Cara video! I love it!


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