The Audio Diva 2000's: *NSYNC, Butterfly Clips and Teenybopper-isms

Monday, October 26, 2009

Can you believe that the first decade of the 2000 is almost over? I seriously can't, because I can remember when it started. When at the end of 1999, everyone was playing the obligatory Prince track, and stocking up on water jugs, batteries, and other things in order to survive the big and bad Y2K crash that was supposedly geared to wipe out all of human kind. Then when it turned January 1, 2000...nothing.freaking.happened. Everything was normal and the decade of social networking, hipsters, MP3's and wardrobe malfunctions had began. So in the spirit of closing out the year, every so often for the next two months, I will be recounting a year in the 2000's and the music that I was playing at that time. Note, this is me reliving my puberty/adolescent years, so if I sound somewhat bitter, a little dorky or just a little out of touch, forgive me, I was growing into being the fabulous Audio Diva you see before you!

So come and rockwitme through each year of my private musical 2000's as we close out the decade.

Funny how the time flies, as I was in 7th and 8th grade at this time (!!) Around this time, I was convinced I was going to be Mrs. Justin Timberlake (how delusional), and I was finally old enough to get my hair relaxed (oooh) and was rocking twisty-ties (girly-cornrows) with glitter butterfly clips resting in various places around my crown (yikes-ahoy!). I would shop at Melrose clothing store and buy shirts with "Angel" and rhinestones on them and my Jansport backpack was covered with pins, peace sign patches and Sharpie penned graffiti. My trusty Sony boom box was still in working shape and it got to experience the R&B and Pop sounds of the turn of the 21st Century as my CD collection began to grow vaster.

1999's music output kind of boiled over into 2000's for me, as TLC's Fanmail, Destiny's Child's The Writings On The Wall and Christina Aguilera's debut were still big for me. Mariah Carey had me in her corner once again with her Rainbow, and for some reason, I was in love with the "I spray painted my head with Krylon Silver" Sisqo (don't ask). Kylie Minogue was "spinning around", Aaliyah was alive and was kicking ass with Jet Li and "Try Again" and D'Angelo unleashed some hormones with this epic video (now that was a man). Then there was Samantha Mumba, a promising pop artist slated to wipe Britney Spears ass with her single, "Gotta Tell Ya", and well, she ended up vanishing as quickly as she came. Jill Scott was only some sweet notes away from being known with her debut, Who Is Jill Scott?...and looking back, it's only competition for best album of '00 was Erykah Badu's Mama's Gun, which was my first "mature" album.

I was too far too young and inexperienced for the 2000 releases of MeShell Ndegeocello's Bitter and The Roots' now classic, Things Fall Apart. In later years those two would get picked up, but for now it was all about the pop n' spunk of boy bands, R&B girl groups and catchy hip-hop party songs (remember those?).

The Big 3 Of 2000

2000 belonged to *NSYNC, no matter how Backstreet Boys fans like to argue that fact (hee hee). You couldn't go anywhere without a track from the group's sophomore effort, No Strings Attached, being blasted. I can recall buying NSA at the now defunct Sam Goody in the mall, and closing myself up inside my room with my Discman and playing this till the scratches started to rise up. Sadly, I didn't get to go to the NSA tour, but HBO provided that glorious spectacle with Justin beatboxing (lol) and lots of puppet motifs. Yet, *NSYNC's music also recalls bus rides to and from middle school, where a neighborhood pal and I would play "Bye Bye Bye" over and over while trading Justin and JC pin-ups from our Tiger Beat and Bop magazines.

Destiny's Child
Ahh...the days before Beyonce became like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man in Ghostbusters where she destroys cities (and the careers of her Destiny's peers) with a single stiletto footstep. This was when LeToya Luckett and some other chick name Latavia were still in the group, and it was a tight-knit BFF! foursome. The group released their sophomore album, The Writings On The Wall, in 1999, and the singles remained strong into the new decade, with "Bills, Bills, Bills", "Say My Name", "Jumpin' Jumpin" and "Bug A Boo" being chart dominators. I was also fond of the slow jams of "Temptation" and "Now That She's Gone" from this album as well. Note that 2000 would begin the on-going DC member re-shuffling, where the members started dropping out like flies.

No Doubt
Front woman, Gwen Stefani dyed her hair pink...and well, I kind of wanted it that way too. But I'm a little caramel colored girl and that wasn't going to look that good, unless I was a member of Jem & The Holograms. No Doubt had a feat to follow up there magnificent 1997 album, Tragic Kingdom, and they followed through in the new century with Return To Saturn. It featured the beasty, "Ex-Girlfriend" and the attractive zone-out, "Bathwater"...which was kind of "scandalous" at the time for 7th grade ears ("I'd like to bathe in your bathwater"...ooh, sexy). Around this time, Ms. Stefani became my hero as she was sportin' a nice set of braces, which gave me more confidence to flash a rubber band and metal smile every once in awhile.

Top 15 Songs of 2000
1. Bye Bye Bye -
2. Say My Name -
Destiny's Child
3. Try Again -Aaliyah

4. Promise - Jagged Edge: The last of
sincere male R&B group anthems. Jagged Edge had the girls going with "Let's Get Married" and this track right here.

5. He Wasn't Man Enough For Me -Toni Braxton

6. Gotta Tell Ya - Samantha Mumba: Not going to front as this was a great slice of pop-dance, and that Samantha Mumba had a delightful little debut which included semi-hits, "Body II Body" and "Baby Come On Over". Shame she kind of came and went like that.

7. Ex-Girlfriend -
No Doubt
8. (Untitled) How Does It Feel -
9. Stranger In My House -
10. Spinning Around -
Kylie Minogue

11. Bag Lady - Erykah Badu: Pack lightly...I wanted to wear a wrap-around turban like Erykah Badu and call "Tyrone", hell I still do, but AudioMom wouldn't allow it. But I was allowed to play this song over and over, and that I did.

12. Big Pimpin' -
13. What A Girl Wants -
Christina Aguilera
14. Case Of The Ex -
15. Don't Tell Me -


  1. great post! I loved the music of that time, especially DC and NSync! I'm partial to old four member DC and their TWOTW is my fave DC album! come check out my site when you get a chance--I've been following you for awhile but usually don't comment.


  2. Awesome post, can't wait to read the rest of these! :) I can totally relate to this -- I went through all of the same things you did, right down to the Sharpie Graffitied backpack. ;)

    I actually got *NSYNC's NSA album a day early because my FYE started selling them early for whatever reason. My BFF called me and told me to come down to the mall. I brought my Discman, and we listened to the CD for the first time together in the food court. Ridiculous but I can still remember every second like it was yesterday. :)

  3. So much has happened over the past decade and it's definitely flown by ever so quickly. Too quickly infact.

    I enjoyed Aaliyah's music and I am a Backstreet Boys fan too. I've loved the guys since 1995 when they came onto the scene here in the UK and I know that NSYNC were huge over there in the USA, but Backstreet Boys were bigger here, which is great as they were always on awards shows and TOTP here. YAY! lol

    Don't get me wrong though, I did like 'No Strings Attached', a great album. JC was also my favourite, such an underrated songwriter.


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