Blog Scoping: Why It's A-Okay To Clown On Music's "Foolish Beats"

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

You've heard the saying, *in a nasally voice, finger wagging* "If you're not going to say something nice, then don't say anything at all?" Sometimes in the blogging world, that saying is strapped in the soles of goody-too shoes with a jacket draped over the back that reads: "I'm a total spaz, kick me please". Blogging is supposed to be about freedom of expression, and the right to clown on individuals and situations as we (the bloggers) seem fit, because well, bloggers are usually an angry bunch and love giving the last word. Though I may not always be the lady, as I do have a history of cussing more than any character in Martin Scorsese's Goodfellas, I do have my clam-up moments where I just let the foolish acts of some of today's music artists just breeze over my head. Part in part, because some bloggers just do a better job of teaching the masses with their witty quips than me. Case in point, I leave all the snarky and witty things I would love to say about some of today's biggest musical facepalms to After a short hiatus, blogger and creator of the ever fabulous site Soul Bounce, nOva has thankfully emerged again as he has re-launched his domain for music, snark and everything in-between. On-pitch zestful writing and a knowledge of the urban music mosaic has always been nOva's game and on his site, he is a vibrant, informative and comedic slice on my RSS feed machines. His take on today's Hip-Hop world is the main event, especially if you have a disdain for whatever is being considered Hip-Hop these days, as well as the rappers who are jokingly calling themselves as such. Always the music mixer master, nOva not only serves up smarts and guffaws, but also his podcast of new tunes and classic cuts of soul, hip-hop, pop and everything in between are also highlighted viewing. If you like your music, with a side of wit and with a dollop of sarcasm, then's combo plate of a blog is just your ticket.

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